Rehabilitation Technology

Foundations Physio provide home visits in the Bordon area, one of our expert physiotherapists will come to your home and provide a comprehensive assessment and advice on your condition. We then aim to support you with a plan of exercise and other interventions in order to help you improve your condition.

We are also able to use a Hydrotherapy pool in Bordon and can offer hydrotherapy sessions to those wishing to explore water based therapy. Using the properties of water, normally heated to 35 degrees, we are able to support your body more effectively and allow sore muscles and joints to relax. We can complete exercises and movements not possible on land and use the water to provide either resistance or support.


At Foundations Physio we try and keep our team close to where they live and working within the same area in order to get to know the community and other relevant services; below are details of your local therapists: