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Welcome To Foundations Physio

– Your Patient Journey –

foundations physio
foundations physio
foundations physio
foundations physio
foundations physio
foundations physio
foundations physio

Welcome! You’re here and you’ve made the first positive step in your journey to wellness.

You’ve had a look around our website, why not give us a call?

Having spoken with our friendly team you’ve booked an assessment for a time that suits you.

Together we will set goals to work towards during the course of your treatment.

Working with your therapist you will both create a treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

We will regularly re-assess and review your goals and provide feedback to family members!

Welcome To Foundations Physio

– Your Patient Journey –

foundations physio

Welcome! You’re here and you’ve made the first positive step in your journey to wellness.

foundations physio

You’ve had a look around our website, why not give us a call

foundations physio

Having spoken with our friendly team you’ve booked an assessment for a time that suits you.

foundations physio
foundations physio

Together we will set goals to work towards during the course of your treatment.

foundations physio

Working with your therapist you will both create a treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

foundations physio

We will regularly re-assess and review your goals and provide feedback to family members!

Who We Are

A caring team of highly trained & experienced physiotherapists…

Foundations Physio was created in 2015 by Adam Poulter, a specialist physiotherapist with experience in the NHS and private hospitals in the field of neurology and elderley care. Born out of a need to provide more timely, innovative and effective care in line with the latest research & evidence, our mission is to provide specialist physiotherapy services to people living with neurological conditions and the elderly in our local community.

By drawing on our extensive contacts and expert team we aim to build an accessible service for those with long term conditions within Surrey and Hampshire, creating a positive and supportive community for those we work with.
You and your family are at the heart of our service, we understand that a hospital admission or illness can be a really difficult time for everyone involved and represents a big life change. We like to approach people with this in mind, working in an empathetic and understanding manner to start you or your family member on their journey to better health.

Our expert clinicians will provide you with support in the form of exercises, access to technology to aid your recovery, information on your condition, contact with other relevant professionals, a clear plan of action to help you achieve your goals and of course lend an empathetic ear when you need it.

What We Do

As a team we are all continually training and learning, using the latest research to inform our treatments and assessments.

We know that a change in your health can be a difficult time for you and for your loved ones and we pride ourselves on providing the right support, tailored exactly to you when you need it the most.

At Foundations Physio we specialise in working with people living with neurological conditions such as Stroke, MS, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Brain Injury, Spinal Injury and Guillain-Barre Syndrome. With access to a range of rehabilitation technology in our Farnham clinic as well as extensive local contacts with charities and NHS services we are best placed to provide the support you need for your condition.

We also specialise in care of the elderly, whether it is a recent admission to hospital, reduction in mobility, falls or recovery from surgery, we can help you get back to your previous levels of fitness and independence. Applying the latest evidence in exercise and rehabilitation we will create an individualised program to help you on your way to recovery.

As well as our new clinic in Farnham, our expert physiotherapists provide home visits to people throughout Surrey and Hampshire and can offer advice, exercise programs, information on support networks and access to rehabilitation technology to help enhance your recovery.

Our team all have extensive experience within the NHS and private sector to draw upon as well as having completed further specialist training courses to expand their knowledge in their chosen field so you can be assured you are in good hands.

Our Services

We provide specialist services throughout the surrounding Surrey & Hampshire Areas





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Our Values

High Quality Care

We’re passionate about providing the best possible care, that’s why we are committed to investing in our team and services, whether that is through further training on the latest rehabilitation techniques or investing in new and innovative technologies we’re striving to ensure you are provided with the greatest opportunity to improve your health.

Person First Approach

Our priority is to focus on you, your family and helping with your condition. We will regularly review and set targets in partnership with you and those closest to you, taking the time to focus on what’s important. We aim to help you take back some control and independence, working together to help you understand why and how physiotherapy can help.

Creating A Supportive Community

Having a good support network can be the key to recovery and the physiotherapist you work with plays a key role in that. We aim to help create a positive, motivating and understanding environment to enable you to move forward. Working with other professionals, family, charities and carers to provide you with the network you need.

We Go The Extra Mile

Your recovery and care are of paramount importance to us, that’s why we will always go the extra mile. To us the extra mile could be the time and effort we put into your treatment program, it could be researching ways for you to do things you never thought possible or just lending a listening ear when times are difficult. Whatever it is you may need, you can be assured we will be there for you.

Considering The Whole Picture

When we first meet you, we don’t just want to know about your condition, we want to know about you and what’s important to you. It helps us to set targets that mean something, and to understand how your condition affects your life. We don’t just want to look at the physical elements but also the emotional and cognitive effects you may be experiencing which will help us to gain a deeper understanding of things and ensure we are supporting you fully.

An Honest & Sympathetic Approach

Honesty and empathy are at the heart of everything we do. You can expect us to treat you with understanding and respect and that we will provide you with honest and upfront answers to your questions, however difficult these may seem. We feel this approach is essential in order to help you understand and move forward with your rehabilitation and the recovery process.

Encouraging Excellence

Not only do we encourage and pursue excellence within our team, we also encourage and motivate you to perform at your best. Whether that is “just one more” exercise or encouraging you to be independent with something in your daily life, we want you to exceed your own expectations.

Investing In Innovation

Healthcare is ever-changing and it can be hard to keep up with the latest updates and technology and it can be time consuming to filter through all of the information available. That’s why our team does it for you. By keeping in touch with the latest developments in the research and technology sectors we can best guide you towards what will work best, and often help you avoid the “miracle cures”.

Promoting A Healthy Happy Team

We firmly believe we can’t give you the best unless we are at our best. Our team is paramount to the success of our service and indeed to the success of the people we work with. We place their wellbeing at the top of our list by maintaining a flexible and open approach and being responsive to their wellbeing needs.

Conditions We Work With


We know that having a stroke can be life changing and unexpected, it can affect not only you but your loved ones as well and it can be hard to adjust to the changes and find a way forward. Our team specialise in working with strokes from the earliest stages to further down the line and we aim to support and coach you through your recovery by giving you advice, exercise and access to the latest technology in order to maximise the recovery process.

Recovering from a stroke is all about repetition of tasks, whether that is specific exercises or something larger and more functional such as getting on and off the floor. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to work on what matters most, working jointly with our colleagues in the NHS and charitable sectors to ensure you have the best opportunity to recover.

At Foundations Physio our experience is that it is never too late to improve your abilities, so even if your stroke was a while ago there are still opportunities to improve. With expert guidance from our team we can help you develop a focussed plan of action to address some of the things you may be finding difficult.

Our mission is to help people live well after Stroke and provide access to physical activity under specialist supervision.

For more information on stroke please visit

Brain Injury

Having a brain injury may be as a result of a traumatic event such as a car accident or a cardiac arrest and often these incidents come out of the blue and can turn your life upside down. The effects of a brain injury can be wide ranging and often aren’t limited to physical difficulties. As a team we have many years experience working with Brain Injury and can work with you on all aspects of your condition, drawing on a network of other professionals to ensure you get the best advice and support.

The brain is complex and manages everything your body does, so no two people with brain injury are the same, having someone who understands how your brain works and the impact this can have is invaluable. Physiotherapy can involve exercise and the use of technology to help manage common problems such as pain, reduced movement, weakness or changes in tone, all of which may add up to a change in your functional ability. A specialist physiotherapist can help to address these and, working with Occupational Therapists, Speech therapists, Consultants and Psychologists we aim to consider the whole picture, not just the physical elements.

For more information about brain injury go to

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is your body’s immune system attacking your nerves by mistake, there’s no pattern to this and as a result everyone’s MS is different, often changing at different rates. It is a long term condition and something you may need to manage with the help of medication. There are no rules to the type of symptoms you may have and the frequency at which you change and so you may find life unpredictable.

As physiotherapists we know the importance of exercise, keeping fit and strong in order to combat the difficulties you may experience. We have an in-depth understanding of MS and its effects on the nervous system and therefore on you. The good news is that by providing regular exercise and specialist support such as; access to FES (functional electrical stimulation), our Litegait body weight treadmill or simply some advice we can help you to work towards your goals and live well.

For more information on MS please visit


Parkinson’s Disease (PD) often develops slowly over time, so should you get diagnosed it may come as a shock. Having contact with a physiotherapist who specialises in Parkinson’s when you are diagnosed is essential to help get you the support and advice you need to live well with the condition.

At Foundations Physio we work with a large number of people living with PD and have a strong relationship with Parkinson’s UK, providing subsidised classes and assessments with local branches in Surrey. Our aim is to show you that, through exercise and movement, you can challenge this condition and keep physically, mentally and socially active.

We use concepts such as PD Warrior, strength and conditioning principles and innovative technology to help you address any issues you may be facing. In our experience no two people with Parkinson’s are the same and so we work with you to tailor your plan to your symptoms and targets, whether that is a visit at home, exercise in the gym or even a round on the golf course we are here to help.

For more information on Parkinson’s’ Disease please visit www.parkinson’


There is no definitive cause of Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS); often people suggest it could be due to a viral infection or stress related, however no studies have been able to confirm a consistent cause. What we do know is that the illness often comes on suddenly and is an autoimmune response where the body mistakenly attacks the nerves. It requires urgent hospital treatment to prevent symptoms from worsening but can be treated and many people go on to make a full recovery. Once treatment has stopped or slowed you are often left with nerve injury as a result and may require a period of rehabilitation to help you regain your abilities.

At Foundations Physio we work to help you regain your movement and strength as well as manage any other symptoms such as reduced feeling/pins and needles or pain in your limbs. After completing a detailed assessment of your current abilities and discussing goals we will provide you with a tailored program of exercises and advice to help address these. Using rehabilitation technology such as electrical stimulation of muscles, body weight treadmill training or splinting to help supplement your program and improve your function in a progressive way.

For more information on GBS head to

Cerebral Palsy

At Foundations Physio we work with adults who live with Cerebral Palsy (CP), a condition present from birth often due to medical complications. In your early years you will no doubt get very familiar with physiotherapy, and often the first thing we hear when we meet someone with CP is “oh I didn’t really like physiotherapy”.

At Foundations Physio we want to change that, we aim to make physiotherapy fun, interesting and targeted to your daily life. We know that people with CP often have spasms, pain, weakness and changes in their posture as well as associated medical conditions to consider, all of which are totally different from person to person.

After completing a comprehensive assessment we will build exercises like stretches and strengthening into your daily routine, considering your posture and opportunities to move over 24 hours. Our intervention may involve recommendations on specialist equipment, technology or seating in order for you to be supported, comfortable and able to pursue your interests.
At Foundations Physio we mainly work with adults and one area we often get involved with is the transition from children’s to adult services and the changes in healthcare, funding and living environment. We understand it can be a difficult time for everyone involved and try to help you navigate this transition as smoothly as possible whilst supporting you to get the help you need moving forwards.

For more information on CP visit

Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral refers to your arms and legs and neuropathy refers to a degeneration in your nerves. Your nerves carry information to and from your spinal cord about movement, sensation and automatic functions such as maintaining blood pressure. One of the main reasons for this type of nerve degeneration is diabetes, with other less common reasons being nerve injuries, shingles or certain medications.

Changes in your nerves can affect your balance, feeling in your hands and feet and can cause weakness in your muscles. Physiotherapy intervention can help to address this by prescribing specific exercises to help with balance and strength as well as exploring walking aids and foot supports (splints) to help improve your walking.

Regular exercise has been shown to help improve circulation, reduce the effects of diabetes and maintain muscle strength over time and seeing a physiotherapist with experience in this condition is essential. Physiotherapy is unable to change your condition, however we can help to manage it and improve your day to day function, taking into account your targets and working towards them step by step.

For more information on peripheral neuropathy go to

Elderly Care

As we get older the need for us to exercise becomes greater, we often get more medical complications and find things in our daily lives more challenging. One of our favourite phrases is “use it or lose it”, and your body works using that same system. A change in your condition or an admission to hospital can really set you back, and coming home can seem daunting and filled with new challenges. Our aim is to help ease that concern by providing expert support and advice when you need it most.

At Foundations Physio we often work with people who have multiple health problems and have an in-depth knowledge about how many of them may affect you. We aim to provide you with a bespoke exercise and support plan to help you improve your pain, strength or mobility in order to return to normal daily life.

We can work together with your family or care team to help implement that plan and will regularly review your progress to ensure you are moving towards your target. Our friendly team can come and visit you at home and will work with local NHS, charitable or other private services to ensure you have what you need to move forwards.

We believe getting older doesn’t mean losing your “get up and go”, we want to help you “get up and keep going”.

For more support please visit

Falls Prevention

There are a number of reasons people may fall, it could be impaired balance as a result of a health condition, it could be due to anxiety or even due to certain medications. Regardless it doesn’t make it less worrying and the effects of a fall can be long lasting. Did you know that people who worry about falling are actually more likely to fall than those who don’t? Falling can knock your confidence and may lead to you being more cautious and not moving properly or even moving less, which can make you weaker. We aim to break this cycle early, giving you the confidence to move without the worry.

Our specialist falls physiotherapists will explore the reasons for your falls in depth and provide an analysis or explanation as to why this might be happening and, more importantly, what you can do about it.

We may provide you with exercises, advice on walking aids and your environment, onward referral for further investigation or possibly discuss medication management with your GP. You can be sure the advice will be individual to you and, providing you follow the advice, effective in helping you to improve your physical condition/manage risks and reduce your frequency of falls.

For more information on falls prevention please visit

Meet The Team

Our team pride themselves on bringing you specialist care bespoke to your needs.

Browse our team members below and click on one of their avatars to learn more about them, what they bring to Foundations Physio and how they can help you.

Who we work with

Foundation Physio are proud to work with the following organisations & businesses
Home physiotherapyNeuro rehabilitation

Without exception the team’s kind and professional manner has enabled our residents to regain confidence and self-belief which has led to them reaching their optimum potential along their individual and often complex journeys. Thank you, it is an absolute pleasure to work with you all.

Manager of Gracewell Care Home

The team have an excellent collaborative demeanour, bringing their encouragement, experience and analysis to bear on every aspect of my rehabilitation process. I wasn’t sure at the beginning what Foundations Physio would bring beyond what my NHS physio was providing, but I’m now convinced my progress has been much quicker thanks to their input.


Foundations Physio give people their independence and confidence back. As a carer I see the impact the physio sessions have on the residents. It motivates people to keep moving forward, gives them hope and encourages them to think positively.

Gracewell Carer

I cannot recommend Foundations Physio highly enough! The team have been visiting residents in our home since June 2014 when we first opened our doors. The difference that they have made, not only to the physical well being but also to the psychological and emotional well being of the residents here is truly outstanding.

Sharon Parkin - Care Home Manager

I cannot recommend Foundations Physio highly enough! The team have been visiting residents in our home since June 2014 when we first opened our doors. The difference that they have made, not only to the physical well being but also to the psychological and emotional well being of the residents here is truly outstanding.

Sharon Parkin - Care Home Manager

Adam was my Physio whilst I was in a rehabilitation unit and then subsequently when I was at first at home. I could not stand up, let alone walk when he first started helping me. He was very caring, supportive, encouraging and pushed me to do things that I did not really believe that I could do. So now after a further 9 months, I feel that I am really leading a fairly normal life again and am not sure that would have happened without his initial support and care.


I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have met Adam. He was there for through some really rough times with helpful advice and support. My MS was really getting me down and I now have some useful aids and a new support group that Adam introduced me to. My family would also like to thank the Foundations Physio team for their encouragement and positivity.


Adam has been my father’s physio for over a year and the care and attention he has shown has been excellent. We were fortunate to meet Adam a couple of years ago through the NHS and have subsequently used Foundations Physio on a private one to one basis; the incredibly high level of care has been absolutely super.


We are a very diverse group with various disabilities, the sessions are geared to improve all of us individually. Adam leads the group with great empathy and understanding of our needs, at the same time as being quite a work out for us it is also an enjoyable experience.

Russell Lodge Exercise Group